Poké pronounced as “po-kay” but often said as “po-kee”, is a Hawaiian word that means “to slice or cut”. It is traditionally served as an appetizer made with chunks of raw fish that’s marinated in soy sauce with sesame oil. However, with a little creativity and twist, Poké has emerged to become one of the fastest growing food trends in America. It all started with a BOWL and the BYOB (Build Your Own Bowl) concept.

Owner, Ronnie L. grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and are very familiar with how tasty and popular poké is. You can find them almost anywhere, from the neighborhood gas station to the local grocery store and even the big grocery chains. Now, it’s riding the biggest wave to the mainland with shops sprouting up across the country.

Poké Cube is proud to bring you the popular Hawaiian Poké bowl dish using the freshest and highest quality of sustainable ingredients. Our approach is simple “FRESH C.A.T.C.H“.

Our poké bowl meals are…….

  • Colorful
  • Affordable
  • Tasty
  • Customizable
  • Healthy